Brazilian Butt Lift

Does the shape of your butt affect your overall confidence? Ever wanted to have a bottom that is fuller and plumper? While there are a lot of butt workouts to achieve bigger glutes, one easy and quick solution is to have a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This is a cosmetic procedure wherein fats are transferred to your backside to create a fuller butt. Let’s dig deeper into this type of cosmetic service.

Where Did Brazilian Butt Lift Come From?

The credit for the invention of BBL goes to Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. He first published a study in 1964 describing a related surgical technique to correcting buttock ptosis or sag. Through the years, many doctors have tried different techniques in enhancing one’s buttocks. As the world moved forward to the 80s and 90s, liposuction slowly gained its name in the industry. Surgeons then began exploring the possibilities of re-adding such fat to other areas of the body. This series of experiments paved the way to the birth of BBL. Today, more and more individuals have relied on this modern medical technology procedure to achieve a perfectly rounded butt. In fact, the latest statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that there are 21,823 BBLs performed in 2020.

What to Expect in a BBL Procedure?

Basically, BBL has two parts. First off, the surgeon retrieves fat that will be transplanted into the buttocks. Then, that fat is injected into the buttocks to create a fuller, more contoured backside. These two sections are performed in one surgery. The surgeon also discusses with the patient what parts of the body the fat will be extracted from and gives details about the placement during pre-procedure consultations.

During the surgery, the patient will either be lying face up or down, depending on where the surgeon will get the body fat. Several monitors are also hooked up to ensure the patient’s blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, and temperature remain normal throughout the procedure. Then, the patient will be given anesthesia. The team then cleans the skin of the patient where extraction will take place to prevent infection.

Once the anesthesia is in full effect, the surgeon begins with liposuction. Here, the surgeon suctions out fat from the donor location. It is then placed in a special container to keep it free from contamination. Once completed with all the harvest sites, the fat undergoes a special process of removing debris or dead cells. This is to ensure that nothing could compromise the fat’s viability once it’s injected back to the patient’s body.

The final procedure is the injection of fat into the patient’s body. The skin of the buttocks is cleaned before the surgeon makes several incisions on it. The surgeon will then insert a cannula or a rod-like tool to move back and forth to loosen up bands of tissue. The harvested fat will then be injected into the desired areas of the buttock. This is completed with the help of a filled syringe, or a thin tube attached to a hose and a collection container. The surgeon may inject more fat as needed in the procedure just to achieve the patient’s desired result. The cannula is also used again to move any injected fat to the correct location. The procedure ends with the surgeon stitching up the incisions or leaving them open with dressing pads and Steri Strips.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Brazilian Butt Lift carries the risk of side effects just like any kind of surgery. These are part of the surgery’s natural healing process and the body’s proof that it is recovering from surgery just as it should. However, if the side effects do not subside within a couple of days, it is recommended to call the doctor immediately. Here are some of the possible side effects of BBL:

• Pain and Discomfort
• Bruising
• Swelling
• Bumps or Lumps
• Numbness
• Scarring

Why BBL Is Worth Considering?

A little apprehension is normal when it comes to surgery. But think of how this bottom-boosting operation can enhance your body’s curves. Take a look at some of these reasons why you should consider BBL:

Safer than Buttock Implants

Aside from doing many squats and lunges, one way to achieve a perfect bottom is through silicone implants. These can also make our butts fuller and firmer but it requires major surgery. Also, it comes with serious risks like major scarring and implant-related infection. There are also some cases wherein the body rejects the implant. This means that the patient will need to undergo another surgery just for the implant to be removed. BBL is safer than implant surgery as it only requires a single treatment to complete the whole process. Plus, healing is faster.

Almost Painless Extraction

Brazilian Butt Lift is not a major surgery as the surgeon only extracts tiny amounts of fat from several areas of the body. The procedure calls for diluted anesthesia, making the targeted area swell so that the surgeon can extract fat cells easier. Moreover, this anesthesia makes the entire procedure painless for the patient.

Only the Purest of Fat Is Used

The harvested fat cells are not immediately injected into the patient’s body. Instead, they are first purified through decantation and centrifugation. The surgeon then chooses only the purest and smallest fat cells. In some cases, only 25% of the harvested fats may be used. This is to ensure the patient gets the best results.

Everything Looks and Feels Natural

Even those who are not cosmetic experts can tell whether a person has undergone a beauty enhancement procedure or not. While there is nothing wrong with improving our God-given looks, it’s still best that the procedure we opt to will produce a natural result. Because BBL uses the patient’s own body fat, you won’t need to worry about the outcome. Some may not even suspect that you had surgery!

Puts Your Fats at the Right Place

The biggest privilege of undergoing BBL is having a plumper butt. What’s more is that it brings benefits to the other parts of the body by reducing unwanted fats. Almost all of us struggle with having fats in unwanted areas such as the waist, hips, or back. BBL can use the fat from these unwanted areas and just transfer it to the buttocks. Your bottom, together with the areas of the body where fat is extracted, are completely enhanced giving you well-proportioned curves.

Fights Age-Related Sagging

As we age, our behind starts to lose tone and muscle mass. Estrogen levels are also changing. These transitions result in having a sagging butt. Yes, BBL helps in building up the curves and contours of our bottom. On top of that, this procedure also adds volume and fullness under the skin, fills out the wrinkles, and gently lifts the butt. The peach then achieves a more youthful look.

Almost Instant Results

When doing squats and lunges, you have to be consistent to achieve your goal. You may see improvement within months, but it might take a year or two if you’re aiming for a specific size. With BBL, you don’t need to wait that long. Each session only takes a few hours to be completed. The best part is the results are instantly noticeable.

Long-Lasting and Permanent

BBL that is performed by an experienced board-certified surgeon is guaranteed to last for many years. These medical professionals are trained to extract and purify fats properly, as well as inject the fats with precision. Nevertheless, you still have to follow a healthy lifestyle to ensure that your butt’s size and shape remain intact.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

The top reason why people undergo beauty enhancements is for them to feel better about themselves. You’ll definitely gain confidence with the help of BBL. This procedure will give you a curvaceous body, increase your sex appeal, and overall make you look more attractive.

Anyone Can Undergo This Procedure

If you think women are the only recipients of cosmetic services, think again. Some men also prefer to have their looks enhanced. BBL can be done to both men and women. There are also no restrictions when it comes to an individual’s body type. When it comes to age, the patient should be at least 18 years old to qualify. As long as you have a healthy lifestyle or don’t have any complications from recent surgery, then the cosmetic surgeon will most likely allow you to have BBL.

Ready to Change the Appearance of Your Butt?

The crucial part of Brazilian Butt Lift is choosing the surgeon to trust. You want to make sure that you’ll be free from danger throughout the process and will only get the best aesthetic outcome. On your search, make sure to rely only on a board-certified surgeon. At Nouvelle Confidence, our surgeon is trained and certified in liposuction. Rest assured that you’re in good hands. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll safely achieve a full-figured body through our services. Call us today to learn more about BBL and for other information!

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